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Zakup licencji Total Commander - rejestracja programu

Total Commander 5.51

18.02.03 Release Total Commander 5.51
18.02.03 Fixed: Alt+F9 (unpack all): If user gives '.' as target dir, replace by source dir ('.' was causing problems with multiple selected archives)
18.02.03 Fixed: Added some missing shortcuts to installer
18.02.03 Added: When giving 'random' as the command for FTP keepalive, TC sends commands in random order: 'PWD', 'CWD .', 'SYST', 'FEAT', and 'NOOP'.

14.02.03 Release Total Commander 5.51 RC1
12.02.03 Fixed: Search - go to file in brief view: file was not always visible
11.02.03 Fixed: Invalid floating point operation with some HTTP proxies

07.02.03 Release Total Commander 5.51 Beta 8
07.02.03 Fixed: Short language files (to replace only a few strings) didn't work
07.02.03 Added: Better handling for TAR files containing hard links: If target exists on harddisk, copy it to the hard link location
07.02.03 Fixed: Access violation when clicking on button bar button pointing to some lnk files
07.02.03 Fixed: No attributes unpacked from ZIP files created on OS/2
07.02.03 Added: When choosing an icon file in change button bar, allow user to choose all files (*.*) filter
07.02.03 Fixed: Immediately change file icon when adding or removing a packer plugin for this file type
07.02.03 Fixed: Problem with Multi-rename tool and branch view: Disabled checking of duplicate names in subdirs
07.02.03 Fixed: When dropping FTP URL from Web browser on TC, use last used FTP proxy/firewall
04.02.03 Fixed: Synchronize dirs sometimes created unnecessary dirs with 2 byte Windows (e.g. Japanese)
04.02.03 Fixed: While selecting with right mouse button, start drag&drop with left and release right after left -> selection continued
04.02.03 Fixed: Packing: User packs file with plugin, then removes plugin -> Change to ZIP
04.02.03 Fixed: Lister: increase maximum length of printer names from 79 to 259 characters (some network printers may have very long names).
04.02.03 Fixed: Displaying of special file types didn't take files >2GB into account
04.02.03 Fixed: Try to catch more read exceptions in compare tool (for media with a read error)
28.01.03 Fixed: Bad tooltip when adding file system plugin to button bar
28.01.03 Added: Double click on file pair in "synchronize dirs" opens "compare by contents" (was already available via right click)
28.01.03 Fixed: Self-extracting archive: Progress bar display error on Windows NT 4
28.01.03 Fixed: Shift+Enter on files with archive extension did not open external program if file isn't an archive
28.01.03 Fixed: Avoid that the user uses "Connections" as the name of an ftp connection, would cause problems with section "Connections"
28.01.03 Fixed: AVI names longer than 54 chars caused crash in lister (Win9x only)
28.01.03 Added: Increase FTP download buffer size from 2k to 32k if speed exceeds 50k/s. Useful for brain-dead ftp servers which wait for every packet acknowledge before sending the next
27.01.03 Fixed: HTTP download abort not always working in background transfer manager
26.01.03 Fixed: No longer request the 'SeBackupPrivilege' privilege for copying streams!
26.01.03 Fixed: Problems with counting size of subdirs

22.01.03 Release Total Commander 5.51 Beta 7
22.01.03 Fixed: Background transfer manager: don't beep for every failed transfer
22.01.03 Fixed: Don't propose names like test.bmp.gz in 16 bit version
21.01.03 Fixed: Plugin to plugin copy: Better handling of file overwrite condition
21.01.03 Added: Special handling for TAR files containing hard links: Such files get the contents "Link: /link/location".
19.01.03 Added: '\' button now goes to root of file system plugins too
19.01.03 Added: Partial support for Unicode filenames from other codepages: View, edit, rename, properties, context menu, delete (also in subdirs), copy (only in same dir, but with alias name)
15.01.03 Fixed: Last selection couldn't be restored when switching away from TC and back (e.g. when putting copy operation in background)
15.01.03 Added: By default, the archive bit is now set when renaming files. To turn it off, add wincmd.ini [Configuration] SetArchiveBitOnRename=0
15.01.03 Added: Support for NTFS-compressed files when calculating actual space used (Ctrl+Q or calculate occupied space)
14.01.03 Fixed: Ctrl+D could now change to non-existing dir (bug introduced in beta)
14.01.03 Added: FS-Plugins: Copy/Move files between 2 plugins!
14.01.03 Added: FS-Plugin API: Support for Multi-Rename tool! Operation is announced with FS_STATUS_OP_RENMOV_MULTI
14.01.03 Added: When adding FS-Plugin to button bar, use name of FS-Plugin as tip
14.01.03 Fixed: Duplicate error "No files selected" when trying to copy [..] from/to file system plugin
14.01.03 Fixed: When zipping multiple files with total size >2GB (but <4GB), the progress bar will now be correct
14.01.03 Fixed: Problems with lowercase conversion in archives

08.01.03 Release Total Commander 5.51 Beta 6
07.01.03 Added: Keep width of quick view panel (Ctrl+Q) for current session also when user doesn't choose "save position"
07.01.03 Fixed: Unpacking of password-protected WinACE files with external WinAce asked twice for the password
07.01.03 Fixed: Dragging file system plugin root to button bar will now add button with correct link and icon
06.01.03 Fixed: Upper->lowercase conversion not correct for dir with extension in archives
06.01.03 Added: Show the first files being deleted in the delete confirmation dialog
06.01.03 Fixed: Could not switch directly from multimedia to html mode
06.01.03 Added: FS-Plugins now also support wildcards when displaying files, e.g. show only *.txt
05.01.03 Fixed: FSPlugin: In RemoteInfoStruct, the attr field was never set
04.01.03 Added: Show error if temp dir doesn't exist (ftp client)
04.01.03 Fixed: In "Drive not found" error box, when choosing another invalid drive, this wasn't remembered
04.01.03 Fixed: Possible reason for stack overflow in plugin search function
04.01.03 Added: cm_usermenu1..cm_usermenu10 to invoke the first 10 commands in the starter menu (e.g. for hotkeys). You can define more in totalcmd.inc.
04.01.03 Added: cm_xxx commands now also work in directory hotlist (Ctrl+D), e.g. for cm_opendesktop
04.01.03 Fixed: Compare contents not working if left side=fs-plugin and right side=archive with both same file name
04.01.03 Fixed: Close inplace rename if listbox is scrolled
04.01.03 Fixed: Crash if plugin returned NULL pointer in source name field in ProgressProc
23.12.02 Fixed: Crash when trying to search for text in a file system plugin which didn't support FsGetFile()

19.12.02 Release Total Commander 5.51 Beta 5
19.12.02 Added: Include new unacev2.dll version 2.11
19.12.02 Added: Speedup HTML->TXT converter by approx. 20-30%
19.12.02 Added: Display name of plugin in lister's title bar when a lister plugin is used
19.12.02 Fixed: Disable Shift+F6 on [..] to change current dir if current dir header hidden
19.12.02 Fixed: time stamp of [..] updir item not shown if dir has hidden attribute and hidden/system files are disabled
19.12.02 Fixed: Wildcards in the form *.txt; *.doc no longer worked (note the ; AND space between them)
17.12.02 Fixed: Lister plugin loses focus when user switches with Alt+Tab to other app, then back to lister
17.12.02 Fixed: F3 was no longer working in sync dialog
17.12.02 Fixed: Display error on win9x with >3000 files in list also in search results, synchronize dirs and rename tool
17.12.02 Fixed: File system plugins: Avoid infinite loop if dir becomes too deep (max. 259 chars supported)
17.12.02 Added: Call CoInitialize in thread extracting special icons in the background
17.12.02 Fixed: Alt+F1 with line Allowed=ADEF causes reread of A: drive (because C: was forbidden, so A: became default drive)
15.12.02 Fixed: Right click on item in "Compare by contents" caused a crash if only partial list was shown

11.12.02 Release Total Commander 5.51 Beta 4
11.12.02 Added: Right click on a directory in "Compare by contents" selects all files in that dir (if no other files selected)
11.12.02 Fixed: Creating dir named \\ caused an access violation
10.12.02 Added: Function added to plugin interface to set default ini file location
10.12.02 Added: Synchronize dirs now also works with file system plugins
06.12.02 Added: New search option to include/exclude specific dirs, e.g. | _vti*\ excludes all dirs starting with "_vti" (search, sync, branch view)
05.12.02 Fixed: Display error on win9x with >3000 files in list (line with cursor repeated every ~3000 items)
05.12.02 Fixed: Delete icon with DestroyIcon after LoadImage!
02.12.02 Fixed: RPM plugin: Detect new RPM files packed with bz2 packer (requires bz2 plugin too)
02.12.02 Fixed: FS-Plugin interface: Couldn't open subdirs of dirs containing forward slashes
02.12.02 Added: Shortcuts Ctrl+Left/Right arrow (with+without shift) to in place edit of path
02.12.02 Fixed: Some more association problems (wrong icon shown)
02.12.02 Added: Ctrl+A selects all text in comment edit box (unfortunately the beep cannot be suppressed)
02.12.02 Fixed: Installer now writes "DisplayIcon" field for uninstall (WinXP seems to be too stupid to get the icon from the installer EXE by itself)
02.12.02 Fixed: Files - Pack: No question for part size when choosing multi-volume packing and target dir is same dir (archives other than ZIP)
02.12.02 Fixed: Internal Unarj: Unpacking of single files from multi-volume ARJ didn't work if more than 10 parts.
02.12.02 Fixed: Couldn't drag URL from Mozilla to TC if the page title contains an illegal character (e.g. a *, ? etc)
02.12.02 Fixed: Unpack dialog: Unchecking of option 'Overwrite files' wasn't remembered if confirmations for 'overwrite read only' were disabled
02.12.02 Added: FS-Plugins: Append backslash to name of directory when requesting custom icons
29.11.02 Fixed: FS-Plugins: Cached icon bitmaps were not freed
29.11.02 Fixed: InplaceRenamePath wasn't used, InplaceRename was used instead
29.11.02 Release Total Commander 5.50a (Silent update 2), only 16-bit
29.11.02 Fixed: 16-bit version sometimes deleted files after compare by content
28.11.02 Fixed: Don't replace % by %% in URLs if user gave the URL

27.11.02 Release Total Commander 5.51 Beta 3
27.11.02 Added: Sort lister plugins with Shift+cursor keys
27.11.02 Fixed: When user adds or removes lister plugins, wait with reloading until all listers with plugin windows are closed or switched to text mode
26.11.02 Added: Search in file system plugins
26.11.02 Added: cm_CopyNetNamesToClip copies file names with UNC path to clipboard (Network drives only)
25.11.02 Fixed: cm_editpath always edited the left path
25.11.02 Fixed: Forward slashes in plugin file/dir names not working (some file systems allow this, e.g. the registry)
25.11.02 Fixed: HTML viewer: Fixed problems with spaces in links and with special chars
25.11.02 Fixed: HTML viewer: 25.11.02 Fixed: FTP, if file name contains spaces, try chmod command without and with double quotes around name (some servers want the first, some the second)
24.11.02 Fixed: If user chose 'Save position' in one screen resolution, then loaded Totalcmd in other resolution, the tabstops were displaced. Now they should be adjusted correctly.
23.11.02 Fixed: If searching in self extracting archives enabled, problems with ACE files
23.11.02 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] RestrictInterface=256 disallows file system plugins
23.11.02 Added: If Network Neighborhood is disabled, still show Nethood in drive bar/drive combo if plugins installed, but show only plugins in Nethood
23.11.02 Fixed: Lister: Couldn't print if no default printer defined
23.11.02 Added: Lister-Plugin interface officially documented
23.11.02 Added: Button to add Lister plugins
23.11.02 Added: Lister-Plugin interface: parser to check files without loading the plugin
23.11.02 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] InplaceRenamePath=0 turns off in-place changing of current path
22.11.02 Fixed: Don't invoke path edit if user was too slow with double click
22.11.02 Fixed: Don't invoke path edit if window wasn't active
22.11.02 Fixed: Path edit was invoked also when clicking on footer

20.11.02 Release Total Commander 5.51 Beta 2
20.11.02 Added: Internal command cm_editpath allows to edit the current path above the active file window
17.11.02 Added: Support for RTF files starting with {\rtf\ instead of {\rtf1
17.11.02 Added: Single click on active file window title allows to change / copy /paste the current dir
17.11.02 Added: Lister: support for "file:///c|/subdir/filename" link type
17.11.02 Added: "Skip all" support when deleting also in case of a sharing violation
17.11.02 Fixed: Show error if user tries to perform unsupported action on filesys plugin: encode, decode, split, combine, crc, print
17.11.02 Fixed: Clear disk label header when switching to file system plugin with Ctrl+D
17.11.02 Fixed: Ctrl+B branch view could show 'compressed' attribute for files which weren't compressed
17.11.02 Fixed: When deleting a dir which has a comment, the associated comment wasn't deleted
17.11.02 Fixed: FS-Plugin interface: F7 new dir didn't place cursor on newly created dir
17.11.02 Added: 650 MB and 700 MB default CD-R sizes to split function (btw, you can enter any value you want by hand)
17.11.02 Fixed: Press F3 twice on small text file in RAR at end of long solid archive -> Access violation
17.11.02 Added: 'Left arrow' in tree view either collapses subtree, or (if already collapsed) jumps to parent directory
17.11.02 Fixed: Packing RAR file from search result -> only short path names were stored
17.11.02 Fixed: FTPOPEN command ignored the setting to open an ftp connection e.g. always in the right window
17.11.02 Fixed: F2 redefined to cm_RenameOnly: Press F2 while cursor on command line -> Rename not focused
17.11.02 Fixed: Drag&Drop to drive dropdown list didn't move files when right button was held down
15.11.02 Fixed: File system plugin: Yes/No dialog always returned 0.

13.11.02 Release Total Commander 5.51 Beta 1
13.11.02 Fixed: Icons not always shown in a subdir if no access to parent dir
12.11.02 Added: FsPlugin-Interface: Function to extract icons for specific files or folders
11.11.02 Fixed: ftp via HTTP proxy: encode % sign to %% (because % is used to escape chars like %20 -> ' ')
11.11.02 Fixed: Only react to WM_DEVICECHANGE messages concerning drives
11.11.02 Fixed: ftp via HTTP proxy: Could show negative total numbers!
09.11.02 Added: Moved OLE comment retrieval to a separate thread, max. wait time 1 second
09.11.02 Added: Shift+F4 (edit new file): Use file under cursor as template name!
09.11.02 Fixed: Click on button in button bar where program isn't found -> button stays pushed!
09.11.02 Fixed: Fixed: Ctrl+D slow when switching away from nethood
09.11.02 Added: Split function now uses 256k buffer size (32bit version only)
09.11.02 Fixed: Couldn't split files into parts > 2 GB (but files >2GB could be split into files <2GB)
09.11.02 Fixed: "Show Win32 tips" checkbox wasn't disabled if tips in general were disabled
09.11.02 Fixed: Couldn't view RTF file currently open in Word (sharing problem)
09.11.02 Fixed: Comments were not detected if file name and comment were separated by a TAB instead of a space
09.11.02 Fixed: After comparing 2 files in sync tool, the main totalcmd window became clickable (no longer disabled)
09.11.02 Added: Placeholders %D and %T (uppercase) in file list print dialog (margins) add current date/time to header
09.11.02 Fixed: Comment-edit (Ctrl+Z): Show error if comment cannot be saved (e.g. comment file is read only)
09.11.02 Fixed: FChanged TEMP subdir from $wc to _tc (Reason: some programs like RealPlayer had problems with the $ sign!)
09.11.02 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] copystreams=0 turns off copying of NTFS streams
09.11.02 Fixed: Copying files to SAMBA dirs made it impossible to delete them (Reason: Samba reports NTFS file system, but NTFS stream functions fail!)

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